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The IDEA Lab (Intelligence, Design, Experience and Aesthetics Lab) is affiliated to the Alibaba-Zhejiang University Joint Research Institute of Frontier Technologies (AZFT), which was established in March 2017. The lab was led by three masters, namely Paul FU, Alibaba, SUN Lingyun, Zhejiang University, HUA Xianshen, Alibaba. The lab members mainly come from International Design Institute of Zhejiang University , State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG and Human-Computer Natural Interaction Laboratory of Alibaba DAMO Academy.

The four letters of IDEA respectively represents Intelligence, Design, Experience and Aesthetics. IDEA Lab upholds human-centered philosophy and explores the most cutting-edge and warmest new ways for human-machine interaction in the erafull of intelligent technology revolutions. Based on the full cooperation between the team from Zhejiang University and the team from human-computer natural interaction lab on Alibaba DAMO Academy, IDEA Lab has launched research in three aspects including design intelligence, experience computing and perception enhancement.

The main purpose of Design Intelligence is to make the design process more intelligent. To meet the increasing demands of personalized and mass design, it is necessary to realize high-quality and mass intelligent design in the fields of graphic design and short video, etc.

The purpose of Experience Computing is to solve the problems of experience assessment of various human-machine interaction scenes like design, voice and new retail. Research in this aspect attempt to assess user experience by user model and emotion model, generate empathetic and responsible emotional contents, and build a new human-computer interaction relationship with empathy and responsiveness.

Research on Perception Enhancement mainly provides rich and proper channels and interactive modes for constantly emerging contents and then expands the dimensionality for users to perceive information by the integration of multiple senses like vision, touch and smell.