第三届科技设计国际大会由浙江大学和新加坡科技设计大学联合举办。科技设计国际大会在2019 和 2020年分别在杭州和新加坡成功举办,搭建了知名国内外教学科研机构和产业组织的交流平台,超过60名行业领军专家学者在大会上讨论科技设计领域中的研究进展、关键问题、机遇与挑战,分享科技设计用于提升产业创新能力、推进重点领域的发展和建设设计生态系统的观点。2021年的科技设计国际大会旨在从以下四个方面探讨如何运用科技和设计创造未来:
The third International Conference on Technology and Design (ICTD) is co-hosted by Zhejiang University (ZJU) of China and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). The first and second ICTD were successfully held in Hangzhou, China 2019, and Singapore 2020, developing a platform that bridges world-renowned research and education institutes and industry organizations. In the first and second ICTD, more than 60 leading experts and scholars discussed the research progress, key issues, opportunities, and challenges in the field of science and technology design, and shared their views on how science and technology design can be used to enhance industrial innovation capacity, promote the development of key areas and build design ecosystems. The third ICTD aims to discuss how we shape the future from the following four topics.
· Design and Technology’s Role in a Post-Pandemic World
· Rising Topics including Human-Centered AI, Smart, and Sustainable Design
· Innovative Talent Development for Technology and Design
· Entrepreneurship Driven by Technology and Design