The 5th Zhejiang University Graduate International Summer School – Campus Asia Design Workshop was successfully held


From July 15th to 19th, 2019, the 5th Zhejiang University Graduate International Summer School – Campus Asia Design Workshop co-sponsored by International Design Institute of Zhejiang University (IDI of ZJU) and Alibaba Design Committee was successfully held at Zijingang Campus, ZJU. With the theme of “Innovative Experience Makes Business Beautiful and Simple”, this workshop invited more than 50 teachers and students of six universities from five countries, including Zhejiang University, Chiba University, Yonsei University, Politecnico di Milano, Singapore University of Science and Technology and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

On the morning of July 15th, the workshop was officially opened. The opening ceremony was hosted by Associate Professor Huang Jinghua of IDI. Professor Sun Lingyun of ZJU, Professor Watanabe Chi of Chiba University, Professor CHAE Sungzin of Yonsei University, Professor Marinella Ferrara of Milan Polytechnic University and Senior Experience Designer Zhao Ran of Ali gave the opening speech respectively. The student representatives of each university gave a brief introduction about the basic information of their schools and the characteristics of the discipline construction.

After the opening ceremony, Prof. Watanabe introduced the development history and key points of the service design with the theme of “SERVICE DESIGN”, which laid a theoretical foundation for this workshop. All the teachers and students took a group photo after the meeting.


Speech by Professor Sun Lingyun at the opening ceremony


Professor Watanabe of Chiba University in Japan gave a speech on “Service Design”


The 5th Zhejiang University Graduate International Summer School – Campus Asia Design Workshop

In the afternoon, all the teachers and students went to the Alibaba Xixi Park and Qinchengli Market for a field trip and visited some offline stores such as Freshippo Market, Taobao Xinxuan and TmallGenie Experience Store, etc. They also had an in-depth exchange with the Chairman of Alibaba Economic Design Committee and Senior Director Qing Yun and the Director of Alibaba Auction Zai Tian, etc. After the visit, the teachers and students have a further understanding of the four design themes (Smart Logistics / Cainiao, Smart Voice / Smart Product Design, Smart Restaurant / Koubei, Smart Retail / Freshippo) which was proposed by Alibaba Design.


Group photo of Qing Yun, Chairman of the Alibaba Economic Design Committee, and professors


Professors and students visited the Ali business of different themes


Group photo of professors and students at the Alibaba Xixi Park

On the morning of July 16th, eight Alibaba designers from Cainiao, Smart Product Design, Koubei and Freshippo gave a wonderful introduction about the four design themes of this workshop as well as the design processes and methods of Alibaba. Then the tutors of each topic analysed and guided the group separately.

In the afternoon, after the design research, user survey, brainstorming, product design and other design processes, students of each group presented their preliminary design concepts and results of their respective themes and teachers gave guidance to each group and put forward some specific suggestions.


Alibaba designers introduced the four design themes of this workshop


Group members discussed the plan


Group members discussed the plan

On the afternoon of July 17th, Professor Watanabe of Chiba University in Japan inspected the design progress of each group, praised their originality which was promoted in such a short time, and gave valuable design suggestions to each group. After the groups absorbed the suggestions and ideas of the teachers, the design was further refined and optimized by thier continuous exchanges of discussions and thoughts. At the same time, the groups began to prepare materials for the final project report.


Prof. Watanabe and Prof. Marinella Ferrara and Associate Prof. Huang Jinghua conducted progress checks and guidance for students


Prof. Watanabe checked the process and supplied guidance for the students

At 13:00 on July 19th, all the teachers and students gathered at the Yueya Building Exhibition Hall, IDI, ZJU. After four days of unremitting efforts, all the teams demonstrated their final design concepts and design outputs including interface design, product design and video production. University Faculties (Prof. Watanabe, Professor CHAE Sungzin, Professor Marinella Ferrara and Associate Professor Huang Jinghua ) and Ali Design Committee members (Alibaba Cloud Design Director Lu Ping, Alibaba New Retail Design Director Zhi Xuan, ect.) carefully listened to the group reports and gave them some valuable comments and suggestions. Finally, two groups, whose theme is ‘the smart restaurant’, favored by the most judges and won the award. The teachers summarised and expressed thier expectations for this workshop. They also presented certificates to each students and took a group photo.


The team conducted the final report of the workshop


The professors commented on the results of the group


The professors commented on the results of the group


Group photo of winning group of the workshop


The professors awarded the Campus Asia Workshop Certificate to the students


Group photo of all the teachers and students took a group photo after the report

The Campus Asia Innovation Design Workshop was held successfully. On one hand, it provided a good communication platform for students from all over the world to appreciate the design concepts and practices of foreign university students, in whch they could learn from each others and grow together. On the other hand, it was a positive exploration for the school-enterprise cooperation model which universities and enterprises could have complementary advantages and create brilliance together.