Information Product Design

Information Product Design is a core professional course jointly developed by the International Design Institute and the College of Computer Science and Technology. The course mainly aimed to encourage students majored in design to learn basic software and hardware technologies, discover the prevailing needs in the industry, come up with concepts, and independently transform design concepts into reality. Amongst the most important components of this program is the launch event of new design concepts. Students formed in project teams and are required to deliver presentations and product show case in front of the audience, introduce the design motivation, display the products, and answer questions. Such course requirements not only present more challenges and valuable training opportunities, but also bring new challenges and momentum to the further exploration of educational reform. This course has run for four consecutive years since 2015, with “ Behavior Change” , “Future” , “Dimension” , “Empowerment with AI” as the themes.


1. HiCloud is a pressure-relieving interactive device suited for urban residents that works by expanding the dimensions of interaction.
2. MOSAIC allows users to define their own unique living space through a multitude of dimensions.
3. Based on deep learning and emotion recognition technology , Yimotion is a personalized emotion-regulating device.
4. Mito is a device that uses AI to identify toys and maintains the children’s receiving power with changeable voice style.