2018 ZJU International Summer School on Visual Analytics


The 2018 ZJU International Summer School on Visual Analytics will be held at the Zhejiang University in one of China’s most scenic cities, Hangzhou through July 27th to August 7th in 2018. This summer school is designed for undergraduate / graduate students and working professionals who are interested in advanced techniques for data visualization. The focus of this summer school will be big data visualization and visual analytics. In this summer school, preeminent researchers from all around the world will share their expertise, and members of the summer school will also have chance to visit the tech giant Alibaba Group’s headquarter. Summer school coordinator: Ms. Yu Liu ( Email: Liuyu2018@zju.edu.cn)




This summer school is free for all attendee out of China. Please email your application to summer school coordinator Ms. Yu Liu (Liuyu2018@zju.edu.cn) with the following information:

1. Your Name

2. Your Organization

3. Degree Obtained/Underway ( Undergraduate / MSc./Ph.D. )

4. Academic Supervisor (if any)

5. Briefly introduce why you are interested in participating in this summer school

Verification of personal information will be done upon acceptance into the summer school.