Experiencing the Traditional Bamboo Craftsmanship

Baizhang Village 百丈竹意小镇

Departure: July 20th 9:00, Return: July 22nd 15:30, Quota: 10, Fee: 300 RMB per person


As we will stay in local handicraftsman Mr. Zhou’s house for three days, he will charge 600 RMB per person for meals and accommodation, material expenses. IDI will pay 50% (300 RMB) and transportation fee.


This activity focuses on “Bamboo” as a traditional material and craftsmanship and explore its new potentials in contemporary product design. During the three days, we will invite local craftsmen to teach you basic bamboo crafting skills. You are then expected to live in a village nearby bamboo forest for three days, living and working with local bamboo farmers and craftsmen. During this filed trip, we would like to share with you some principles of social innovations: how to improve traditional local industry and make a better community by design.

//Skill Requirement:

1. Team members are also expected to have strong hands-on capability, cultural and artistic sensibility.

2. As we will stay in the village for 3 days, students who have basic Chinese (Mandarin) speaking and reading capability will be preferred.

3. Strong photography and video editing skills will help

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