Big Data Driven Public Affair Research Methodology


The big data method has not only been successfully applied in the computer science, but also has had profound influence on the way of operation and administration of the public service department, provided new methods and tools, and has been forming new data-driven thinking.In this summer school, with the theme of “Improve the Government’s Public Service Capabilities with Big Data + Machine Learning”, we will introduce the basic assumptions, models, and applications of big data-driven methods and will show how these methods work in various areas of public administration. Typical case studies will lead students to create their outlook and abilities of using big data methods and machine learning models to solve practical problems of public administration.


28th July- 1st August, 2018

Zijingang Campus

Zhejiang University

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Quota: 15

In 5 days, we will1. Teach methods and tools for data analysis, machine learning, etc. for students of public management majors (and other related, cross-domain students). In the first three days, we will mainly have some logically related, progressive featured lectures. From day 4, we will focus on field surveys and case studies (field visits to “one-stop service” model unit in Hangzhou);

2. In day 5, we will have group activities, in the form of Hackthon, to quickly prototype a specific issue;

3. promote international exchanges, expand the academic and professional perspectives of participating students, and inspire innovative thinking.

Courses and activitiesDay 1:

• Morning: The Big Data Analysis Chain I

Methods of data collection, cleansing and enhancement

Feature extraction, factor analysis and correlation analysis

• Afternoon: The Big Data Analysis Chain II

Data visualization

The Business and Public Service Model of Data Application

Day 2:

• Morning: Machine Learning Methods

Classification and regression methods

Statistical methods

• Afternoon: Neural networks and Deep learning

Neural network and Deep learning

Complex network analysis

Day 3:

• Morning: Innovation of Public Service Model driven by Big Data

Case studies on collaborative governance, data finance, and process optimization

• Afternoon: Innovation of Business Model driven by Big Data

Smart City Case Study

Day 4:

•  Field visits to “one-stop service” (Big Data Bureau) model unit and case studies.

Day 5:

•  Hackthon group activities: analysis of public mail

The summer school will provide accommodation for overseas students and provide flight subsidies for some selected overseas students.