Asian Leadership Program




Asian Leadership Program (ALP) is developed by the International Design Institute of Zhejiang University, an English summer school targeting the oversea exchange students. Successful applicants will be invited to visit Zhejiang University and take part in specially developed design practices and internships that include design workshops, cross-cultural communications, an practical works in innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the past five years, a cumulative total of 529 students have been enrolled in this 14-week-long program produced over 180 pieces of design works. News reports about this program have been covered by Lianhe Zaobao of Singapore, Xinhua News Agency, and other Chinese and foreign media.


• Students can demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of design, material and immaterial.
• Students can formulate an effective research method by selecting appropriate physical media, data source and user case, design and implement a workable draft.
• Students can use hardware making and programming skills to design and implement devices, physically and digitally.


Two courses are developed to offer tools and methods to generate, represent, model, and design objects or systems. Structured as core workshops and tuto-rial sessions. World-renowned designers, and researchers will contribute with guest lectures.


The project phase cuts across various disciplines to demonstrate that “design is not a discipline”, ” but a way of looking at the world that promotes the synthesis of interdisciplinary knowledge across scales in order to create objects and systems for the greater good.


We will experience immersive activities across cultures; we will get into society for full adventure; we will discover what the entrepreneurship gene means in Zhejiang or all over China.