Music Emotion

项目介绍 Project Introduction

儿童理解这个世界的重要途径是与所接触到的事物进行互动。然而很多事物都是抽象的,难以与之互动,更不易去理解。因此提供具象化的解读工具能极大地帮助他们理解周围的事物。儿童读物的内容和句式往往简明易懂,且配有与故事情节呼应的彩色插图,这些插图可以极大地吸引儿童的注意力,帮助他们更好地去理解故事。但这种方式只是激发视觉感官,而忽略了其他能促进儿童学习与了解能力的感官,尤其是听觉。以器乐作为背景音乐,eMello 是一个能在阅读时播放背景音乐的电子书阅读器。本产品将音乐和插图


The way children understand the world is through interacting with the objects that they can touch. However, many things are abstract and difficult to touch and understand. Therefore, providing reading tools will help them a lot. Children typically learn language through children’s books which contain simple sentence structures and vocabulary. They are accmpanied by simple illustrations that concisely portray the setting of the story. They provides visual stimulation but neglects the other senses, especially the hearing.eMello is an eBook library that allows the incorporation of an additional auditory stimulant in the form of instrumental music. Our design aims to take both hearing sense and visual sense into account to create an environment that encourages deep experiential learning and is targeted at children under the age of 10. This integration gives children a better reading experience while aiding their development of better focus, visualisation and interpretation.

团队介绍 Team Introduction


张克俊 浙江大学计算机科学与技术学院 副教授

ZHANG Kejun , Associate Professor

导师助理 Assistants

曹颖萍硕士生 CAO Yingping , Master Candidate

段轲 硕士生 DUAN Ke , Master Candidate

参与学生 Students

Ivan Christian

邝家伟 | Khong Jia Wei

高传珅 | Koh Chuan Shen Marcus

陈玮隽 | Tan Wei Jin

陈昭彤 | Tan Zhao Tong

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