Intelligent & Interactive Sleep Assist Light

项目介绍 Project Introduction


Lighting system is an important part of homes. A well-designed intelligent lighting system would not only provide light but also create different atmospheres and could even cure diseases, and enhance the health and well-being of users. In the past three months, our project team has explored the possibility of interaction between human and lighting, and designed a luminaire that can be used to assist sleep. This product can detect the user’s fatigue using an internal camera, and provide high color temperature light for work and breathing light for sleep, and it can wake the user up via vibration. From the basic concept of design to the final prototype, the members of the project team experienced a series of design stages such as market research, brainstorming, prototype design, circuit construction, and prototyping, and finally completed the concept presentation and implementation. The idea of our project is to provide a modern intelligent product with a luminaire that assists in efficient work and sleep, which will improve the quality of life.

团队介绍 Team Introduction

导师 Mentor

黄敬华浙江大学国际设计研究院副教授 HUANG Jinghua, Associate Professor

导师助理 Assistants

韩波硕士生 HAN Bo, Master Candidate

曹雪纯硕士生 CAO Xuechun, Master Candidate

陈珍硕士生 CHEN Zhen, Master Candidate

鲁素苗硕士生 LU Sumiao, Master Candidate

参与学生 Student

Cheong Rui Zhi Jeremy, Chio Yuan Long, Tan Mae-Sy, Tay Zi, Tong Christopher, Yang Junjie, Cheryl Low Rui Min

支持公司 Supporting Company


ZheJiang Klite Lighting Holdings CO.,LTD

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