‘Werewolf’ Augmented Reality System

项目介绍 Project Introduction

本项目主要聚焦于人工智能在增强现实方面的应用可能性。项目组制作了一套基于狼人杀规则的增强现实预测系统,旨在利用现代人工智能技术,特别是面部识别和情感识别技术,来创造一个增强现实系统。用户可以通过这一系统,分析其他玩家的行为与策略。当用户在进行游戏时,系统可以通过增强现实的方式向用户提供其他玩家的身份可能性,来增强该用户获胜的机会。小组成员最终选择使用Microsoft HoloLens增强现实眼镜,云端计算技术和人工智能技术,创建了一个全面的一体化系统,来读取狼人杀桌面游戏中其他玩家的情绪,以帮助用户获得胜利。

This project explored the limits of artificial intelligence with regards to augmented reality. The specific application of the resulting augmented reality prediction system is based on Werewolf, an extremely popular card game in China. The project aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence, especially in facial identification and emotional recognition to produce an augmented reality system that can analyze various behavioral Cues of the players. In doing so, the system can offer users the possible roles of the other players by augmented reality, so as to empower the users to make better choice and to increase the chance of winning. We focus on the implementation of computer vision, cloud computing and artificial intelligence on an augmented reality platform, the Microsoft HoloLens, to create a comprehensive, all-in-one system that can read player emotions and assist in gameplay for Werewolf boardgame.

团队介绍 Team Introduction

导师 Mentor

陈实 国际设计研究院 副教授 CHEN Shi, Associate Professor

导师助理 Assistants

谢欣航 硕士生 XIE Xinhang, Master Candidate

楼赟 博士生 LOU Yun, Doctoral Candidate

帅世辉 硕士生 SHUAI Shihui, Master Candidate

参与学生 Students

Kenneth Sim Jian Hui沈健辉, Lee Gui An李桂安, Low Eng Hao刘荣豪, Lee Kai Min Frank李铠岷, Chan Jingqi曾靖淇

支持公司 Supporting Company



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