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项目介绍 Project Introduction


The group’s internship research is based on the professional background of architecture. The project is divided into two parts. The first is about cognition and visit.It helps students understand the ancient water towns in southern Yangtze River, the traditional architecture, the Chinese architecture and the urban environment. It makes Singaporean students know about the status quo of the living and construction industry in the contemporary Chinese city. The second is to combine the design topic “information box” to understand the design and assembly process of prefabricated buildings, helping them understand the nature of the work, the process and working methods of the construction industry. At the same time, we visit the assembly design company, and promote skills about internship design and preliminary training design. Through these two parts, we help students understand the related relationship between architectural design and society, technology and environment, and cultivate ASD students’ initial understanding and design interest in architectural design.

团队介绍 Team Introduction

导师 Mentor

吴璟浙江大学建筑工程学院副教授 WU Jing, Associate Professor

导师助理 Assistants

潘瑜硕士生 PAN Yu, Master Candidate

蒋亚静 硕士生 JIANG Yajing, Master Candidate

卜思禹 硕士生 BU Siyu, Master Candidate

参与学生 Students

周俊伟 Addison Chew Jun Wei,  路蒋祎 Lu Jiangyi, May Thinzar Lin, 魏乐童 Wei Letong, 张文俊 Benjamin Chong Mun Choen, 陈然 Chen Ran, Clarissa Maharani Hartanto

支持公司 Supporting Company


Heat Wave Innovation Group

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