Security & Medication


Personal Travel, Safety & Security

Students should stay vigilant at all times and avoid isolated, unfamiliar places or places with a high incidence of crime. Do not carry too much cash or other valuables, especially expensive jewellery, as they may draw unwelcome attention.Report to the staff or your Group Leaders if you feel unwell. Whenever possible, commute in groups or at least in pairs. It is good to maintain personal hygiene and eat only well-cooked food.Please note that the tap water can not be drunk directly in China.Pleas choose the boiled water or bottled water.

[Important Numbers in China]

POLICE: 110 (12 languages service available)


*Please refer to your Emergency Contact Wallet Card for more information.

Safety with Money

Observe safety precautions with money. Do not keep large sums of cash in your dorm room. Buy a travelers money belt or neck wallet and beware of pickpockets in crowds and on public.


Students are advised to bring along your sufficient medication and medical aid (eg. Inhaler for asthmatics, first aid kit) to last for the entire stay. Be sure to also bring written copies of your medical prescriptions in case a refill is needed and for Customs. Students who have specific drug allergies should notify SUTD-ZJU Collaboration Office on their allergies before departure


Keep your personal medical records with you in case of an accident or illness abroad. It should include all drugs you are taking, any chronic ailments, allergies, your immunization history, blood type, prior surgeries, eyeglass prescription, personal physician, health insurance information, and your religion.

The following are some of the clinics and hospitals which you may visit in the event that you fall sick in during the exchange.
For minor illnesses, you may visit the Zijingang Campus Clinic (Zijingang Campus) or Zhejiang University Hospital (Yuquan Campus).
For illnesses which require immediate and/or advanced medical treatment, please visit either of the following nearby hospitals:

1. The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine



Address: 79 Qingchun Road, 11th floor

浙江杭州市庆春路79号, 浙一医院

Phone: +86 (571) 87236166

2.The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine



Address: 88Jiefang Road

Phone: +86 (571) 87783777

3. Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province

Address: 234 Gucui Road 杭州市古翠路234号
Phone: +85 (571) 89972000