The International Design Institute of Zhejiang University was formally established in November 2011. It is committed to innovative design, talent training, academic research and social service.


founded in 2011


more than 150 project cases

Screens & Beyond: Using Mixed Reality Technology to Improve Parcel Scanning Efficiency

The rapid development of modern logistics has generated over one hundred million parcels each day in mainland China a...

AI Empowered Design

For designers, artificial intelligence methods such as ML can easily handle complex information such as gesture and e...

Fitting Robot

A variable size fitting robot is designed in this project.

Multi Channel Emotional Information Transfer

Emotional transmission and emotional experience are important factors affecting people’s life experience in peo...

Health Design

Focus on the future life of the demand for cutting-edge health and medical equipment, intelligent health and medical,...

Color Acquisition

Color acquisition tool based on digital information processing

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