The International Design Institute of Zhejiang University was formally established in November 2011. It is committed to innovative design, talent training, academic research and social service.


founded in 2011


more than 150 project cases

Intelligent & Interactive Sleep Assist Light

The idea of our project is to provide a modern intelligent product with a luminaire that assists in efficient work an...

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The group’s internship research is based on the professional background of architecture.

The Visual Design of the Comprehensive Intelligent Large-screen for Bank of Beijing

In the past 14 weeks, students from ALP2018 have participated in this practice, and been responsible for the visual p...

‘Werewolf’ Augmented Reality System

This project explored the limits of artificial intelligence with regards to augmented reality

Deep Learning for Design Conditioned by Brain Signals

The way people observe, think, and make decisions may all be reflected in the design of a product or an advertising

Music Emotion

The way children understand the world is through interacting with the objects that they can touch

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